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Monday, 08 July 2019 16:16

The things I have learned!

As part of our team bonding, we were able to camp at Mt. Rainier and got to know each other better in an outdoor enviroment! Mind you this was also my first time camping as well, I had never slept in a tent or even made a fire before this trip. Immediately I started to learn new things as we arrived to our campsite, I built my first tent but not with out some help from my amazing coworkers. Once our campsite was ready we decided to go on a hike, we were able to try out new ice breakers, meditation, and new activities that we could use back in the office with our In My Backyard program. It was an amazing hike with the team and I learned new things about my coworkers, which led to a stronger connection within the group. I also learned how to start a fire which was super fun because it is a great survival skill. I'll never forget out Mt. Rainier trip, it was definitely a life changing experience!

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Thursday, 27 June 2019 23:22

Bainbridge Adventure!

Bainbridge Island was one of the first places in the United States that moved Japanese families to Japanese internment camps after the Pearl Harbor bombings. We visited the Japanese American Exclusion Memorial, where the stories of the Japanese families are told and remembered, so that it can never happen again to other cultures. It was an amazing experience to see how the memorial depicts their experiences and how the Bainbridge community stayed strong during hard times. Fun Fact: The elders in Bainbridge actually donated origami cranes to the children in detention centers near the U.S./ Mexican border.


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I had the privilege of meeting Maria during the first 2 weeks at Klondike, and I was lucky enough to interview her before she left. Below is the bio report I wrote for Maria that was posted on the park's Facebook:

"Please join us in saying thank you to Maria Pinto, our park's AARP volunteer for a wonderful year of memories that will not be forgotten. Maria’s favorite memory is when she was able to speak her native language to park visitors. It amazes her, how much she has learned and loves to spread that knowledge to Spanish speaking visitors. What she likes most about working at Klondike is the ability to learn about all the parks in the nation and across the globe from visitors and our fellow park rangers. They have inspired her to travel to those parks and see them for herself in all their beauty. When Maria first started working at the park she had no idea what to expect because she was only well versed in the world of fashion. But the team here at Klondike made the career transition smooth and easy. Maria has gifted us with her amazing portraits that she has hand drawn during her time here. For her drawing is not only therapeutic but a way of making friends. Maria wants to continue to learn more about Seattle and other places, but she also hopes to go back to Bolivia her hometown. In Bolivia, Maria wants to share the knowledge she has attained to the children in schools. When asked, "when you think of Klondike in the future what will come to mind?" Maria responded, "Gold, and I’ll think of the people I met along the way who gave me hope about taking care of the planet."

By Park Ranger Intern Tanya, Environment for the Americas' Latino Heritage Internship Program 


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Wednesday, 12 June 2019 18:13

Something new I have learned!

While being here at Klondike I have learned the essential role everyone plays within the department from the volunteers to the park rangers. Everyone contributes to the system, which allows everything run smoothly. Working at the visitor center, the volunteers have a plethora of information to offer to our guest that come in wanting to learn more about Seattle's role in the Klondike Gold Rush. I find it amazing that the people around me have so much knowledge to offer, and that I have to transform into a sponge to retain it. Did you know that 1 in 10 of the stampeders traveling to Dawson city where they would eventually mine for gold were women! Yes, women also joined the gold rush fever and traveled the dangerous journey up to Alaska to "Strike It Rich!"

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Wednesday, 15 May 2019 12:50

Tanya Helbig

My name is Tanya Helbig, and I was born in Kiel, Germany, but raised in San Antonio Texas. I am a second-generation college student working towards an undergraduate degree at St. Mary’s University in Environmental Science and minoring in Business Administration. I have worked on projects during my undergrad that involved sustainability, conservation, and environmental management. My goal in life is to promote sustainability in all communities, and inspiring others to become more environmentally active. I aspire to work with either non-profit organizations or government agencies relating to environmental management. I am proud of my Mexican/German culture because it has made me the diverse and open-minded person I am today. In my free time, I enjoy getting out of the city and going to parks to enjoy nature. National parks have always had a special place in my heart and have been the reason I cherish the preservation of natural environments.

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