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Tuesday, 04 June 2019 23:40

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

On May 11, I packed my car and drove for seven hours to the deserts of Arizona. I had seen pictures of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area before but nothing would have prepared me for the immense beauty that would welcome me as I drove into Page. The red rock that is so characteristic of this part of the country frames the Colorado river in a way that makes you stop your car and forget that you have to check in to your housing in 10 minutes!

Page is a small town located on the border of Utah and Arizona. It is surrounded by both federal lands (NPS, BLM) and tribal lands (Navajo Nation, San Juan Southern Paiute) and it's where you will find the headquarters of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (GCNRA from now on). Most of my work, however, will be deep in the backcountry of the 1.2 million acres managed by the GCNRA. The park lies within the Colorado Plateau and it is composed of bluffs, mesas, buttes and canyons. With in the landscape you can find a diversity of wildlife, spectacular flowers, fossils, and evidence of the indigenous folk who called this place home for thousands of years.

Temperatures around here reach the triple digits, but the Colorado River and Lake Powell with their cold water provide a break from the heat to the residents and tourist of Coconino county. With its endless dirt roads, waterways, and trails I cannot wait to explore the area and fall in love (some more) with this place.

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Tuesday, 04 June 2019 22:56

Pursuing my Childhood Dreams

Growing up in southern California I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by public lands. Whether it was National Forests, National Parks, or State Parks the outdoors were never too far. This was heaven for me, as a child I was fascinated by the natural world and having access to these places allowed me to feed my curiosity and learn about the flora and fauna of my home state.

After graduating from high school I went on to get a degree in ecology and I’m currently working on getting my master’s degree in environmental science. My life’s goal is to work in the field of conservation biology to protect and preserve at risk species, doing so with the Park Service is my childhood dream and I am beyond excited to get started!
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Wednesday, 15 May 2019 14:48

Tania Parra Ramirez

Hola! Yo me llamo Tania, I was born in Mexico City and moved to California with my mom when I was 9 years old. Growing up in California I was fortunate enough to spend my summers traveling to Yosemite National Park and Sequoia National Park with my family. It was there that my love for ecology was born. I would spend hours learning about the plants and animals that lived there and I was always in awe of the park rangers that worked there. I made a promise to myself that one day I would be a park ranger too! After high school I decided to pursue a career in science, I graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in ecology and evolutionary biology and I am currently working on getting my master’s degree in environmental science. I can’t wait to learn new skills this summer and continue on my path to achieve my childhood dreams.

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