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I will keep this one very short because I can write an entire book about this special individual. Maria Guadalupe Lopez Arroyo is certainly the most influential person in my life and there's no chance I would be at this stage of my life without her countless of lessons and sacrifices. She was very strict and that was always difficult for me to understand through my entire childhood. Now that I have seen the results of her parenting methods I fully understand why she was so tough on me. Family members and close friends often criticized her as well for being the tough figure that she was, but it did not matter to her--she had a reason and that was to ensure I pursued and accomplished my educational goals.

All the positive qualities I have are a reflection of her qualities. I can not thank her enough for teaching me to be a kind, respectful, and goal driven individual. I am very lucky for having the opportunity to call her mom (although I call her Lupe to get on her nerves sometimes) and for this reason I try to make sure she hears how fortunate and thankful I am. I suggest you share how much the special individuals in your life mean to you, they deserve it.

Muchas gracias Lupe, te quiero mucho mamá.

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