The Black Canyon Conservation through Visual Arts

Sunday, November 18 2018 Written by

The 10 weeks of LHIP flew by…and lots has happened since the internship officially ended. For a quick glimpse, check out this last v-log that highlights the Black Canyon at Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

The Black Canyon Wilderness Area starts just below the Hoover Dam and follows the Colorado River down slightly past the Willow Beach Marina. Access to this area for motor vessels is restricted, and only a few concessions permits are granted for private tours. So you are getting a pretty rare look!

From the footage I got in my last days of my 2018 LHIP, I created a short video piece. I was one of 20 artists from eleven countries selected for an installation called “Hermana” that was accepted into the Miami New Media Festival for this year’s “Water, Heritage, and Climate Change” exhibition.  The complete installation would show the video on three (or 4) walls, in staggered timing for an immersive experience.  The narrative is from the perspective of the personification of the Colorado River, and is an homage and calling to our connection to the divine feminine through nature, and references issues that go largely unaddressed such as immigration/internment in the US, as well as missing & murdered indigenous women.

The acceptance into MNMF gave me a sense of validation. A confirmation that my vision, effort, and creative works have a place within the world of fine art — that my desire to merge my passions of art and environmental conservation has a the beginnings of a future.  Click the link above to view the submission.

I’d like to take this final opportunity to express my utmost gratitude to everyone at HAF for making this possible. LHIP has been an incredible experience and I can’t wait to continue down the pathways it has opened for me.

Aiyesha, out!

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