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The Latino Heritage Internship Program conference in Denver has left me with a new found inspiration and energy that I took with me to Portland, Oregon. I found a community amongst interns who understand where I come from. I had the best of  time and now that I am back at the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park I feel like I can finish this internship with a bang. I received exciting news from my supervisor that my internship has been extended for another month! I was super excited and to be honest a little sad. I missed home tremendously, but I know that the benefits of getting more experience will come in handy when I look for employment in California for the NPS. I am just so thankful to have been able to participate in this internship once more and I feel all the more confident in applying to federal jobs. My site especially had been so welcoming and really allowed me to become involved with the community and the site. Although after the first time I did this internship I was going through a rough time because the difference in reaction and treatment I received when I talked about my family. I was in shock. All this time I had been surrounded by a diverse amount of people that all of a sudden I come across people who have this negative and almost hateful response to those I confided to share my family story. But here, at LEWI, there had been a whole other different response and how much each department cares for their staff and their well-being.  It has been a life changing experience and I hope I have made a difference in the communities that I was in. It took a lot of hard work and although NPS can be unwelcoming there are many, many examples where the department is taking active steps to diversify the workforce.Slowly, but surely. This internship has provided a space for me to grow and be able to meet interns who faced similar struggles where we as a collective  group provided support for each other and expanded our network of Latinxs who want to support the National Park Service. It has honestly, been the best experience for me.I hope that this program provides this to someone else who is interested in checking out what it means to work for NPS despite the barriers there may be along the road. Also, your experiences are valid and you are not alone in the process of the internship. On the other hand, a big thank you and an internet hug to everyone I met in the process of this internship! For my homies in Pacoima, Oct.8. 2017. Encuentra Tu Parque, Eeh-Deet (Edith) Jimenez.  
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