Now Walk It Out, Now Walk It Out

Monday, November 30 -0001 Written by
I've never really been good at goodbye's so writing my last and final blog post is a bit difficult for me. How do you sum up something that has been so influential and life changing into one goodbye? The real answer is, you don't. I can make this blog post super cliché and long but I have decided to keep it short, simple and straight forward. This summer has been an absolute blast! I've gotten to learn so much about the National Park Service as a whole, the regional level of the National Park Service, the diversity epidemic of the National Park Service and I have most definitely learned a lot about myself. Within my time here at the Intermountain Regional Office as the LHIP intern, I've gotten to meet so many great people, my team here in the Interpretation & Education department have been so amazing! From the second I first met them to the very last minutes we had together it has been nothing but great. As well as all the people I have met through out partner organizations and all the other amazing LHIP interns I got to meet during the LHIP conference!     I've gotten to explore my options and i've gotten to be part of something much larger than myself. (moving this world towards a diverse and equitable future)   There simply just are not enough Thank You's in the world to be able to show my appreciation to Environment For The Americas, National Park Service, Intermountain Regional Office and to all those in the Latino Heritage Internship Program.     Goodbye and Farewell, this Jenn signing off! *Mic Drop*  

"In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks"

- John Muir

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