This season, I got the incredible opportunity to be a Park Ranger in a place I have always wanted to go: Alaska. And it all began with my LHIP internship.

Cristina Martínez Guzmán 2016 LHIP Intern

In my 2nd year at Fire Island National Seashore, I adapted my work to include field research, which helped me get accepted into Stony Brook University’s Marine Science grad program. 

Roxana Saravia 2017 & 2018 LHIP  intern

By using teaching and education methods to communicate safety, diversity, inclusion, justice, and conservation, we are not only shedding light on these subjects but helping create a more knowledgeable society.

Andrea Moreno-Vasquez 2016 LHIP Intern

I was able to experience all sides of the park: interpretation, resource management, maintenance, and a few other jobs that were not listed. I took every opportunity that my supervisor presented to me as an opportunity to grow.

Luis Silva 2017 LHIP Intern

I felt the need for connection on an interpersonal and cultural level that did not see when I went to public land spaces. I hope to be the bridge for marginalized people to feel included and welcome at national parks, and if I’m lucky, inspire future generations to do the same.

Genomé Rodriguez 2017 LHIP Intern

I’m super thankful to LHIP for giving me the opportunity to get my foot through the door and be something more than what I originally thought I could be. Now I have the opportunity to help make people like me do something similar, and be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Brandon Barragan 2018 LHIP Intern