Southeast Archeological Center

Archeological Intern  -  Tallahassee, FL 

The LHIP intern will experience first-hand a wide range of traditional and new technological tools used by archeologists in conducting regulatory surveys and excavations on federal properties.

Throughout their assignment, the intern will participate in every step of the archeological process. Working at the Southeast Archeological Center (SEAC), the intern will be taught basic fieldwork methodology at historic/prehistoric sites in the nearby St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge and laboratory analysis and curation procedures at the SEAC facility. Additionally, the intern will benefit from employing their academic knowledge in federal archaeological projects that will benefit a career in federal service. This, in turn, will benefit SEAC in fulfilling their mission to inform the public about the nation’s cultural resources and assisting federal partners in preserving their significant archeological resources. Work at SEAC will include shovel-test surveys, excavations, artifact analysis, artifact cataloging, report writing, topographic mapping, geophysical survey, 3D scanning, pXRF analysis, among other technologies used at the center.

At the conclusion of their internship, the intern will wrap up their internship by producing a report on a specific aspect of the project that they will be responsible for. They will implement the knowledge they have gained during the internship to contribute to the final report for the project.


  • Interns should be majors in one or more fields including or related to Anthropology, Archaeology, Classics, Geography, History, or Historic Preservation.
  • An interest in working as a professional archaeologist is preferred.
  • SEAC will adapt the project and expectations based on the intern’s knowledge,
    experience, and skills coming in.
  • The ideal intern should be a team player who is able to work closely with a group in a variety of settings for the entirety of their internship.
  • Critical thinking, openness, and flexibility are ideal strengths.
  • The intern should be prepared to do fieldwork in hot temperatures. (SEAC will help them have access to needed equipment).


This position does not offer park housing. HAF will provide a housing stipend within the budget limits for the intern to cover their own accommodations. 

About SEAC:

The mission of the Southeast Archeological Center (SEAC) is to provide the best archeological and collections management assistance possible to national parks and partners. This is achieved by conducting and disseminating high-quality anthropological research and interpretation, based on cutting edge, multidisciplinary methods, technologies, and science. SEAC maintains impeccable ethical standards by reporting timely research findings to park managers, the public, and professional audiences.

SEAC fulfills federal requirements for the protection of cultural resources by performing archeological research, promoting education and outreach, providing collections and information management services, and offering technical support for national park units located in the Southeast Region. Additionally, SEAC provides interagency support to help carry out the Secretary of the Interior’s responsibilities to other agencies for cultural resources compliance, archeological site stabilization, resource planning, and public education and outreach.