NPS Cultural Resources, Partnerships, and Science (Directorate) and Citizen Science Steering Committee

Citizen Science and Latino Culture -  Washington, DC

The NPS Citizen Science Steering Committee and the NPS Cultural Resources, Partnerships, and Science directorate seek an intern to develop a Citizen Science and Cultural Heritage Strategy for Latino Communities. The internship will address two challenges facing NPS citizen science: the lack of park projects in cultural heritage/cultural resource sciences and the need to improve engagement with diverse communities. The intern will conduct research and write a report that will help the NPS Citizen Science Steering Committee and the NPS Cultural Resources, Partnerships, and Science directorate establish priorities for funding and professional guidance.

To complete the internship, the intern will first survey existing citizen science programs focusing on Latino engagement within and beyond the NPS. To do so, they will conduct internet research and contact NPS parks and programs to establish the scope of existing programs, their goals, and any lessons to be learned. They may also consult with resource managers, partnership specialists, and interpretation and education rangers. Second, the intern will use the results in a strategic document to propose potential focal areas for a Latino culture and heritage citizen science program. They will include goals, audiences, problems to solve, and potential subject areas for cultural data collection and analysis. As time allows, the intern will complete online training for their personal and professional development and participate in internship events.


  • Intern must have completed coursework in Latino or Hispanic archeology, history, cultural studies, or related fields. Additional coursework in physical sciences, education, and/or design is a plus.
  • Must be able to use the Internet and Microsoft suite products (Word, Excel).
  • Intern must be proficient in reading, writing, and/or speaking Spanish.
  • Have excellent skills writing in English for a range of ages
  • Be able to communicate well individually and in small team settings.

Work Environment: 

  • The internship will take place in an office with normal temperature controls.
  • The primary supervisor typically hosts multiple interns in the summer.
  • The WASO office holds multiple intern events.


Driver’s License:

Not needed, public transportation is available.