Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

River Safety and Stewardship Intern -  Three Rivers, CA

Position Type: LHIP Internship
Primary Fields: Interpretation/Education

Opportunities to swim and play in the Kaweah and Kings Rivers draw many residents of the San Joaquin Valley to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Because river flows change dramatically over the course of the summer, activities and places that are safe on some days may be deadly on others. Park staff work to communicate with visitors about river safety and stewardship through award-winning volunteer groups and through interpretive programming at popular swimming holes. Along each river, an intern will help the park reduce barriers of culture and language that sometimes make communication less effective. They will make informal contacts and lead bilingual (Spanish-English) activities at the river and deliver formal programs at nearby campgrounds. Interns will also assist River Rover and Trail Trekker coordinators to recruit local volunteers, train them, and develop effective safety and stewardship messages. They will accompany coordinators as they meet with members of 3-5 community organizations that serve Latinos in the San Joaquin Valley. Those meetings will introduce park neighbors to the River Rover and Trail Trekker programs and gather advice on recruiting volunteers from the Latino community. Work products for each intern will include one new bilingual activity for use at the river, one fully developed outline for a campground program, 3-5 social media posts highlighting water safety, and one training activity for staff and volunteers.


  • Interns should be able to prepare and present brief oral and written reports, research potential sources of volunteers, and gather observations about the impact of messages.
  • Interns should also be skilled in active listening, motivating and persuading others, following up on assignments, and finding creative ways to share information.

Work Environment

  • Interns’ time will be split nearly evenly between office work and field work.
  • There will be occasional daytime travel to other parts of the park for cross-training activities.
  • The climate in this park varies with elevation.
  • The foothills regularly have daytime temperatures of 90-100 while the mountains typically have daytime temperatures of 70-80.
  • Air quality in the park is sometimes poor.
  • Evening campground programs take place in the dark.
  • The park hosted three LHIP interns last summer; it often hosts HBCUI interns as well.

Driver's License

A driver’s license and personal vehicle are necessary in Cedar Grove and helpful in the Foothills. Public transportation and shared rides can be arranged for interns who do not have a vehicle. Seasonal park housing is a five-minute drive or 30-minute walk from the office in both locations. A shuttle runs between the Foothills and the city of Visalia several times a day.