Salem Maritime and Saugus Ironworks National Historic Sites (DHA)

Park Education Assistant  -  Salem, MA

Salem Maritime and Saugus Iron Works National Historic Sites plan to build on the last two years of one of their most successful programs, “Preschoolers in the Park” (PiP). In 2018, Education Rangers and the former LHIP Intern presented a dozen free public programs for preschoolers and their caregivers at our two historic sites. Each program included an engaging experience linked to a site's historic or natural resource, literacy, science and/or math components, and creative, art-based activity. Attendance at the 2018 programs stayed the same as last year at 1,100.

Counts taken at a few of the programs showed that about half the number of attendees were children and the other half, adults. There were a number of repeat visitors from our 2017 pilot year, but we welcomed many new visitors in 2018 as well. Although there may have been a slight increase in Latinx families, the audience at the public programs still does not reflect the rich diversity of the communities of Salem and Saugus and their surrounding towns to the extent we believe is possible.

The former LHIP Intern increased our connection to the Latinx community by engaging with a childcare center in the predominantly Dominican neighborhood and with a community partner program “Caribbean Connections,” designed for recent immigrants. This engagement resulted in our LHIP Intern developing and delivering five bilingual (English-Spanish) programs to 20 preschoolers of the Salem Community Child Care Center. 

This year, the LHIP intern will have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate leadership and problem-solving skills while working to fill the gap in preschool age programming. Salem Maritime and Saugus National Historic Sites identified the following strategy as an approach for park staff to use for fiscal years 2018 through 2023:

  • Prioritize working with under-represented students and groups to expand educational programming.
  • The goal of the 2019 LHIP project will be to build and grow the relationship between the park and community organizations and families in the nearby Latinx neighborhoods.
  • In summary, the DHA internship project will have multiple deliverables including planning, preparing, promoting, and delivering:
    • A bilingual (Spanish-English) summer preschool program series conducted at both Salem Maritime and Saugus Iron Works with community preschool child care organizations
    • A bilingual (Spanish-English) culminating program at each site inviting children and their families to participate
    • At least two bilingual (Spanish-English) programs developed collaboratively with Latinx community organizations to be conducted off-site in the community
    • Written outlines, program supplies, and materials, external vendor contacts, etc. for each program developed and presented
    • A document outlining best practices for bilingual interpretive/educational programs


  • The ideal candidate should have - or be close to finishing - a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the field of education, museum education, or a related field; as well as have coursework, experience, or interest in education and interpretation. 
  • Experience and interest specifically in early childhood education are preferred. 
  • The candidate should be bilingual (English and Spanish) and have strong oral and written communication skills
  • The candidate should also enjoy and have an interest in working with the public - specifically children and families in outdoor, historic, museum, and community space settings.


Park housing isn't available. The selected intern will stay at Salem State University housing or receive a stipend to cover their own accommodations. 

About Salem Maritime and Saugus Ironworks National Historic Sites:

In the 1600s, on the banks of the Saugus River, something extraordinary happened.  Explore the place where European iron makers brought their special skills to a young Massachusetts colony. This nine-acre National Park includes working water wheels, forges, mills, a historic 17th century home, and a lush river basin.

Salem Maritime and Saugus Iron Works are located about 40 minutes apart in an urban environment with many amenities within walking and biking distance. Public transportation to Boston and points north is also readily available. Salem has a prominent Latino community and neighborhood (The Point) and Saugus is located next to Lynn, a city with a large Latino population.