Saguaro National Park

Biology Assistant -  Tucson, AZ

Position Type: LHIP Internship/
Primary Field: Resource Management

The intern will work as part of a team to create an inventory of butterfly species in Saguaro National Park. They will conduct butterfly surveys that will establish the baseline for a repeatable long-term monitoring project. Saguaro National Park includes six biotic communities ranging from desert to mountain forests, which allows for an incredible degree of biodiversity. The intern’s primary work will be to learn about butterflies, survey for them in the field, and produce a photographic record for as many species as possible. The intern will have a chance to do additional fieldwork on a variety of projects ranging from studying saguaro flowers to amphibian surveys. Additionally, the intern will work alongside park Resource Management and Interpretation staff to produce content for the park’s social media feeds.


The ideal candidate will be interested in natural history, especially invertebrates and wildlife. Experience identifying butterflies or other insects would be great but is not required. The person will be a great team player and a good communicator. A degree in wildlife biology or natural resources with coursework relating to entomology would be ideal but is not required. Nature photography experience is another plus. Most importantly, the candidate must be comfortable hiking loop transects of 1-5 miles while carrying adequate water and gear for the day when it is hot outside. 

Work Environment:

This project will be a mix of field and office work (60/40). Additional fieldwork can be arranged if the intern is interested. Field conditions are somewhat extreme, with rocky slopes, natural hazards such as cacti and rattlesnakes, and intense summer heat with daytime temperatures exceeding 105 degrees F in the shade, and evening lows averaging 72 degrees F. Potential interns should know that they will be expected to work in the field and that it will be very physically challenging!

Driver's License:

Yes, a driver's license is required.