Rocky Mountain National Park (DHA)

Interpretive Internship  -  Estes Park, CO

This internship would help with the overall operations for the Division of Interpretation during the summer season from June to August of 2019. The intern would work 5 days a week with 2 consecutive days off. Two out of the 11 weeks would be in training to learn about interpretation, environmental education, teamwork, as well as learning the mission of the NPS. The main duties of the internship would have components of presenting 2-3 formal interpretive programs, including Spanish Outreach programs, roving along Park trails and overlooks to make informal contacts with visitors in the field, prep time to organize programs, and staffing a park visitor center one-two days per week.

This intern’s primary responsibility would be providing formal and informal programs to the visiting public. Programs will range from half hour talk to 1-2 hours Pop-up programs. The intern will also assist with Spanish Outreach programs for the local community and for specialty groups. This position would provide assistance and help facilitate the programs, both in English and Spanish, as well as be given time to promote the programs within the local community through the library, the school system and at local events. They will have support and guidance from other Spanish speaking rangers, and local members of the community to organize, plan, and advertise for the outreaches.

We will aim to offer 2 separate outreaches during the internship time period (one in July and one in August), for local families to help them see the importance of public lands, and to see themselves as owners and stewards of RMNP. We are continuously building our outreach efforts here at RMNP, and trying to do more to serve our local Latino community of Estes Park, and Colorado. Having an intern will help us reach new audiences, and gives us avenues to diversify and stay relevant as we embark on another 100 years of protecting public lands. This position will enable us to dedicate a liaison between the park and the local Latino community and hopefully increase participation of the Latino community in park events.

This internship also helps with the need of RMNP to stay relevant both externally with the visiting public and internally with our Park’s own diversity and inclusion. The NPS is an agency that seeks out diversity within the workplace, but it is often hard to do without the help of programs like the LHIP. As a person who got a start through an internship, I know there is value in giving a young person a chance to gain experience with the National Park Service (NPS), especially for young folks that are currently underrepresented in the workforce. With a more diverse workforce, there is more opportunity for relatability and inclusiveness among staff, and with the visiting public. When people come together with different backgrounds, experiences, and ideas, great things can be accomplished, and that’s what we would hope to achieve with this internship.