Minute Man National Historical Park (DHA)

Resource Management Assistant  -  Concord, MA

The LHIP intern will collaborate with the Resource Manager on an Agricultural Management Plan, with the goal of reinvigorating active agriculture in the park. Working with the park's Resource Manager and the Agriculture plan team, the intern will participate in project meetings and complete project components, organize inventory and describe field characteristics, collect soil samples and record sample location with GPS tablet and create maps using GIS. During the last weeks of the internship, the intern will meet subject experts in plant and animal identification, as well as participate in a region-wide "BioBlitz"

The 11-week internship will include the following:

  • Weeks 1-2: Orientation, field inspection with resource experts, GPS and GIS training (familiarity recommended), and collaboration with team members (Deliverables: Personal bio blog for LHIP, organizing site photographs, and reinforce familiarity with project site and GIS map layers.)
  • Weeks 3-4: Orientation with Metro Boston Team of Resource Managers: Visit to other parks with agricultural areas and associated natural & cultural resource management areas. (Deliverables: Blog regarding team building orientation and training, initiate collection of soil samples and GPS points in ag fields)
  • Weeks 5-6: Participate in map training to improve GIS mapping skills, meet with Bioblitz organizers and prepare for early July event (Deliverable: maps for agricultural parcels with priority habitat areas for Bioblitz indicated.)
  • Weeks 7-8: With resource experts, participate in BioBlitz to gather additional information on species on the edges of ag fields. (Deliverables: Participation/blog about event and extraction of information on notable species located in agricultural field areas).
  • Week 9-10: Participate in debriefing from Bioblitz, organize results of soil tests performed by UMass Laboratory. (Deliverable: finalize maps, prepare draft report and presentation)
  • Week 11: Compile final written report, presentation, and participate in LHIP workshop (Deliverables: report, updated presentation, and blog)


  • The ideal candidate must have relevant coursework or degrees for a Resource Management or GIS Specialist position such undergraduate or graduate level in biology, natural resources, geographic information systems, ecology, plant science, botany, agronomy, wildlife or park management, landscape architecture, environmental science, chemistry, engineering, or related field; and an interest in learning map and graphics programs and biodiversity apps (ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Adobe, iNaturalist, eBird). 
  • The candidate should also have skills and enthusiasm for reading, writing, and fieldwork; skills in communicating and working as a member of a team as well as independently.
  • Hours are generally 7:30 am to 4:00 pm and extends at least 11 weeks in the late spring and summer of 2019. 


Park housing will be provided at no cost for the intern.

About Minute Man National Historical Park:

Minute Man National Historical Park honors the first battles of the United States independence. It's home to several battle sites, including Concord and Lexington. At Minute Man National Historical Park, the Battles of Lexington and Concord are brought to life through the preservation, restoration, and interpretation of significant sites from "that famous day and year" when colonists took up arms to sever ties with the British Empire.

At Concord's North Bridge, visitors can see the place where, on April 19, 1775, colonial soldiers fired the famous "shot heard 'round the world." Along the five-mile "Battle Road Trail", travel back in time through a restored colonial landscape and retrace the steps of the British. Along the way, stop in the Hartwell Tavern, a restored 18th-century tavern on Battle Road. It is now a "living history" center staffed by costumed Park Rangers who can offer you a glimpse of life in Revolutionary times.