Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail

Interpretation, Education, and Outreach Intern Richmond, CA

The Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail (Anza Trail) spans 1200 miles from the Mexican border at Arizona to San Francisco California, crossing many cities, counties, states, and communities of very diverse backgrounds. The story and Anza expedition is one that embodies California’s diversity today. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, California has an estimated total population of nearly 40 million people. Of the total population, about 40% percent are Hispanic or of Latino descent. Our goal is to connect the Hispanic/Latino community with family-friendly activities and programs and educate our visitors about the Anza expedition and the cultural and recreational value of the Trail today.

2025 and 2026 mark the 250th Anniversary of the Juan Bautista de Anza Expedition. While this date appears distant, we are building momentum over the next five years to bring awareness to the impact this expedition had on the histories on the United States and Mexico, and to increase the visibility of the recreational sections of trail across Arizona and California. Initiatives in our semiquincentennial plan include augmenting our engagement with communities of color and forging closer relationships with our partners in the Bay Area. The LHIP intern will be directly engaged in these initiatives by helping to organize and implement events in collaboration with local partners. The internship will focus on Anza Trail and National Park Service mission goals to introduce diverse audiences and create future stewards for the NPS and National Trail System.

The intern will work with the Anza Trail staff to enhance the digital presence of the Anza Trail and interpret the story and legacy of the Anza Expedition to digital visitors (Facebook, Instagram, website, among other formats). The intern will help us reach our goals of connecting with a more diverse audience by creating bilingual and bicultural content, building engaging digital programs and content on topics of interest to millennials and younger generations, and bringing awareness to Anza Trail recreational and cultural activities through social media-based interpretive methods.

The LHIP intern will participate in a summer commemoration at the Presidio in San Francisco, reaching youth and engaging with various partners of the Anza Trail. Additional duties will include managing the Anza Trail’s online Junior Ranger program, helping create interpretive activities based on methods derived from Audience Centered Experiences and Facilitated Dialogue, identify appropriate communities where targeted pop-up programs could be placed and creating these programs, and assisting the team in administrative operations. Furthermore, as language barriers between the NPS and the Latino community has been identified as a specific obstacle, the LHIP intern will help the team create culturally appropriate Spanish-language brochures, flyers, safety messages, and press releases in addition to bilingual and bicultural social media content.

Please note that it is preferred that the successful candidate is from the local area as there is no park housing and the housing costs in the Bay Area are extremely high. Additionally, local undergrad and graduate students are highly encouraged to apply (including but not limited to UC Berkeley, SF State, CSU East Bay, etc). We are prepared to offer a $1000 a month housing stipend in addition to the LHIP stipend to support housing costs.


  • Strong and demonstrated written communication skills with particular emphasis on professionalism

  • A desire to work with children and young adults

  • Bilingual/Bicultural skills in Spanish/English, and the ability to translate

  • Comfortable in leading programs and giving presentations

  • Comfortable with speaking in public to diverse audiences

  • Willingness to work across a variety of programs and venues, and be flexible and engaged with the whole team

  • Excellent customer/visitor service skills

  • Curiosity to dive deep and explore themes that incite a personal and team interest

  • A desire and ability to work collaboratively

  • Valid driver’s license

Work Environment:

There will be roughly 50% office to 50% fieldwork with this position. Note that fieldwork is defined as outreach, interpretation and education work in the communities of the urban and rural areas where the trail is located, with occasional hiking in open spaces but never far from cities and towns. There may be travel involved since the trail extends from San Francisco to Arizona, however most travel will be within the Bay Area. Work may require lifting heavy boxes (30 lbs or so), working outside in varying weather conditions (rain and sun), and some hiking. The park may have another intern in the summer.

Driver's License:

Yes. While a personal vehicle is not required, it is advantageous and a driver's license is required as outreach and events will take the intern throughout the surrounding region, and will require the use of a government vehicle.