Joshua Tree National Park

Wildlife Intern  -  Twentynine Palms, CA

Joshua Tree National Park is seeking an intern interested in wildlife management and scientific research. The intern’s duties will include, but are not limited to the following: Track desert tortoises using radio telemetry and enter behavioral observations into a handheld GPS device. Data collected helps biologists track health conditions, social behaviors, and understand how tortoises use and move throughout their home range. Monitor wildlife use of water sources throughout the Park using remote motion sensor cameras and assist staff with camera maintenance such as changing out batteries and image cards in the backcountry. Label and organize photos of bighorn sheep, mountain lion, bobcat, fox and other species that utilize these sources of water. Survey climbing and bouldering routes for raptor and nesting activity and monitor to track breeding success. Enter Wildlife Observation Cards into an Access database. Visitors and Park staff fill out cards with wildlife sightings, which are then entered into database for easy querying, organizing, and for research Purposes.


  • Bachelor degree in biology, ecology, environmental science, natural resource  management, or other related field or in the process of obtaining a relevant Bachelor of Science degree. 
  • Should be able to follow verbal instructions and work independently and/or work effectively as a team member on survey or research crews.
  • Have previous experience with/or ability to work outdoors in extreme weather (heat) conditions. 
  • Able to hike 2-6 miles on uneven terrain with pack carrying personal gear and water.
  • Preferred experience collecting data in the field with a tablet or handheld device. Familiar with looking for and identifying raptors and nests.
  • Must have ability to hear the sounds emitted by the telemetry receiver. Be detail oriented and have ability to enter data precisely with attention to quality control / quality assurance protocols. 
  • Driving experience in extreme conditions and various terrain (ie. sandy washes) or willingness to learn.
  • Previous experience is helpful, but not required. A passion for nature and learning is welcome!