Fort Sumter National Monument

Recreation Intern  -  Sullivan’s Island, SC

The primary duty of this position is to connect people from diverse backgrounds with the natural resources of South Carolina through physical activities that take place at Fort Sumter National Monument, Charles Pinckney National Historic Site, Congaree National Park, or Reconstruction Era National Monument. We will offer four experiences to participants. These experiences will take place at the National Park Service site that makes the most sense given the needs of the audience and the resources available. Examples include: working with the local South Carolina Audubon group to organize a bird walk; in conjunction with a ranger at Congaree enjoy an easy paddle along a river or a walk along the boardwalk; paddle the Intracoastal waterway with a Fort Sumter ranger; take boat trip to Fort Sumter and learn about the Civil War; and meet with the leaders of, and get an update about, the International African American Museum and participate in a guided walk of Charleston.

The candidate will work with their mentor, coworkers, and partners to organize activities and any needed supplies; work with partners to reach out and invite target audiences to participate in the activities; lead or co-lead the activities; clean and/or replenish supplies; gather and submit visitor statistics; and debriefthe event.

The candidate will provide a wide range of services to visitors, including assistance with lost articles, car trouble, and first aid; and provide information about weather conditions, highway routes, park and concessionaire facilities, and prices. In performing this duty the candidate is responsible for providing current, accurate information concerning the NPS and other surrounding areas of interest, explaining the area's recreational opportunities, including NPS interpretive services, concession-operated facilities and services, and hiking trails. Additionally, provides public orientation and explanations of current park events, and informs visitors of potential safety hazards.

Candidate must have skill in public speaking techniques in order to effectively express ideas and concepts to a wide range of audiences. Candidates must be able to speak in front of and lead / co-lead groups of 40 or fewer visitors. Ability to use tact and diplomacy in dealing with the general public to avoid conflict and resolve problems. Ability to demonstrate enthusiasm, sincerity, and an attitude of friendliness in dealing with the public.

Candidate must have a basic understanding of natural/cultural resources and history of the area. Knowledge of the facts, events, personalities and their influence which contributed to the importance of the area.