Fort Larned National Historic Site

Historical Research and Interpretation Intern  -  Larned, KS

Fort Larned National Historic Site has an interesting history where many cultures blended, collided, and learned from one another. The Latino Heritage intern will explore the legacy of American Latinos through researching the histories of the Great American Plains and the commerce of the Santa Fe Trail. Discovery of journal entries, primary records, biographies, and additional reputable sources will expose the legacy of American Latinos in this space and time and will be preserved and interpreted for contemporary audiences and for future generations. Fort Larned National Historic Site is currently working on new museum exhibits that will tell more than the military presence on the Santa Fe Trail. The LHIP intern will have the opportunity to help us prepare interpretive and educational programs to connect the public with the new exhibits telling the story of diverse cultures: The Hispanic Traders, indigenous peoples, women of various backgrounds and ethnicities who worked at the fort, along with the Buffalo Soldiers.

The Intern will be responsible for:

  • Researching historical documents and additional materials at Fort Larned NHS, Fort Hays University, Santa Fe Trail Center Library and Museum, other area libraries and education institutes in Central Kansas
  • Documenting findings to be a resource for the interpretive ranger staff and for public inquiries
  • Learning about the National Park Service mission, interviewing staff at Fort Larned and exploring careers with the National Park Service
  • Developing at least one interpretive/education program for students and the public to connect them to the new exhibits, potentially, but not limited to, the Hispanic Trader exhibit
  • Offering new ideas of how to expand beyond the fort grounds and reach new audiences (mostly Latino)
  • Researching, developing and presenting a cultural resources tour of the Fort based on the conversations and lessons learned

Basic Qualifications:

  • An ability to work as part of a cooperative team, and a strong desire to learn.
  • The ideal candidate should have taken history courses, and have experience in researching history topics.
  • Strong writing and verbal communication skills will be ideal.
  • Bilingual skills in English and Spanish are also desired


Though park housing is not included, the Fort Larned and HAF staff will help the intern find accommodations in the area. 

About Fort Larned National Historic Site: 

A complete and authentic 1860s army post, Fort Larned National Historic Site was established in 1859 on the vast prairie in western Kansas near the midpoint of the Santa Fe Trail. As the major route of trade between Missouri and Santa Fe, there was an almost constant succession of freight caravans along the Trail. Troops stationed at Fort Larned and several other military posts along the Trail protected mail coaches, freighters, and other Trail traffic. As the site of an Indian Agency, Fort Larned also was instrumental in maintaining friendly relations with Plains indigenous peoples by distributing annuities promised to them by treaties.