Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site

Museum Collections Intern  -  La Junta, CO

The museum intern at Bent's Old Fort will work with the museum collections on the ethnohistorical associations of artifacts excavated from the ruins of the original Bent's Fort prior to the reconstruction in the mid-1970s. The archeological site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and a National Historic Landmark. Due to the destruction of the ruins necessary for accurate reconstruction, the artifacts represent the best physical source of information about the original fort. The intern will work with primary source historical documents, field data, and other material culture documentation to identify the age and primary ethnic association (where possible) for the excavated artifacts. This data will be entered into the NPS museum catalog software for use by future researchers. The intern will also have the opportunity to present on his/her project to the park staff and community at the end of the internship, and to draft social media posts for the park. Additional responsibilities will include maintaining the environmental monitoring systems and assisting with the annual museum inventory.