Training Week

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This week was filled with training, for seasonal and permanent employees in addition to us lowly interns. Because of that, the office remained mostly empty for the better part of the week. While training is not always glamorous or exciting, this week was useful in that seasonal employees, interns, and volunteers were able to meet each other and get to know the roles of other divisions and their staff. Before training began, however, I was sent to help find beaver dams and spotted owl nests which was an amazing experience. Our field crew was able to find signs of beaver activity along a river and I was taught what these signs were. We saw an old beaver lodge and a couple of dams that were created by them. While the lodge was empty and we weren't able to physically see the beavers, I did learn a lot from my more experienced coworkers. When we went to search for the reported spotted owl nest, we weren't as lucky in finding traces of activity or nesting, but we haven't given up yet and will continue to survey for them in future efforts.

Even though training isn't known for its exhilarating nature, I was able to see the park during a summer snowfall which was bewildering to us all. Regardless, LAVO's retention of winter gives way to some beautiful scenery that can't be found in most parts of California at this time of year. 13460955_10208916389925135_1696256567_o

Semana de Entrenacion 

Esta semana estuvo llena de entrenamiento para empleados e internados,  y por la mayoría de la semana, nuestra oficina estuvo tranquila y vacía. Aunque entrenamiento no siempre es algo emocionante, esta semana estuvo útil en el aspecto de que podíamos conocer a los otros empleados del parque que pertenecen a otras divisiones. Antes de que entrenamiento empezara, fui a buscar diques de castores en el parque. Encontramos dichos diques y otras señas de actividad de castores, pero nunca tuvimos la suerte de ver uno. Aunque no vimos los castores, aprendí mucho de cuales indicaciones uno puede seguir para localizar a un castor. También intentamos de buscar un nido de búho que no pudimos encontrar, pero estamos intentos de encontrarlo este verano. Como he dicho, entrenamiento no siempre es asunto glorioso, pero por lo menos tuve la oportunidad de ver caída de nieve en el parque por primera vez. Fue el idea de que estaba nevando en medios de Junio que nos sorprendió a todos. Sin embargo, vimos a unas escenas hermosas que no se pueden encontrar en la mayoridad de las partes en California este verano. 13460955_10208916389925135_1696256567_o
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