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Heading towards the end of July, I have been implementing mindfulness into my daily practice. For example, I have been thinking about how I am extremely grateful for the ability to enhance my career, and my cultural identity has been a reoccurring theme.

The Latino Heritage Internship Program has allowed me to truly learn and experience archeological techniques at the Southeast Archeological Center, while simultaneously connecting to my heritage.

My favorite experience of my summer internship has been interviewing different Latinx archeologists about their experiences in the field. Before working on Latino Conservation Week, I never have heard genuine advice or genuine experiences centered around the Latinx perspective. I have never felt included in conversations in the past, even about the struggles of being Latinx in archeology. Usually, people would state that “there is an issue”, mostly from perspectives of privilege, without acknowledging the actual inequalities that Latinx folk face in the field. They wonder or ponder about different reasons for why Latinx archeologists are so few in the field. Instead, of taking direct initiatives, or directly stating the issue, they dance around them for fear that they are “pushing the boundaries too far”.

Going into these interviews, I was unsure of what to expect. However, during and after the interviews I felt empowered and confident in my identity. I felt reassured as each Latinx archeologist explained that we deserve and that we need to be in these spaces. They were real. Each archeologist said the truth, the hard truth, that there are financial inequalities, tokenism, and generally being challenged and uncomfortable with the environment created by the Euro-centric ideals of professionalism. However, having these conversations brought so much light into how as a Latino community, we are strong, we are resilient, and we are here. I felt confirmed in my beliefs of expanding the circle, to include all groups of people into these archeological spheres.

Overall, being able to hold these spaces for these conversations have been, so far, my favorite experiences during my time at SEAC and my time at LHIP.


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