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Monday, July 08 2019 Written by

As part of our team bonding, we were able to camp at Mt. Rainier and got to know each other better in an outdoor enviroment! Mind you this was also my first time camping as well, I had never slept in a tent or even made a fire before this trip. Immediately I started to learn new things as we arrived to our campsite, I built my first tent but not with out some help from my amazing coworkers. Once our campsite was ready we decided to go on a hike, we were able to try out new ice breakers, meditation, and new activities that we could use back in the office with our In My Backyard program. It was an amazing hike with the team and I learned new things about my coworkers, which led to a stronger connection within the group. I also learned how to start a fire which was super fun because it is a great survival skill. I'll never forget out Mt. Rainier trip, it was definitely a life changing experience!

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