Loreto Lopez 

Class of 2015

Loreto largely identifies with her Hispanic heritage and especially takes pride in her culture. She was raised in Montebello - a predominantly Mexican community. Loreto is a part of the first generation in her family to attend college in the United States. She has an Art History major and an Archaeology minor Loyola Marymount University. Loreto admires how art objects have the ability to tell so much about a culture, such as the technology a society used, what that society valued most, and if there were any interactions with neighboring societies. For these reasons she is passionate about art conservation and hopes to educate people about art’s influence and power through museum-work. Loreto’s parents attended college in Mexico and earned their degrees, but decided to move to the U.S. to provide better opportunities for Loreto and her siblings even though it meant their degrees would not be valid anymore. Their sacrifice is what influences her to put my best effort in everything she does, especially in her academics.