Daniela Alviz

Class of 2018

Raised in Miami, Daniela Alviz has always been intrigued by her surrounding environment and the wonder that is the Everglades. As a young elementary student, she would go with her school on field trips to the Everglades National Park to bird watch and learn more about the habitats in this National Park. She believes that because of such emphasis on the environment during this time of her life, she ended up with a passion for the environment. She is currently an Environmental Studies major with a track in National Resources at Florida International University in Miami. She aims to help younger generations see the importance of our Earth and all of the resources that it has available to us and why we should protect it. During her time at the Everglades National Park she worked to educate the younger generations through researching the site’s cultural history. In her spare time you can find her taking photographs or spending time outdoors. 

From the blog

July 05, 2018