Dane Manuel Custodio Silva

Class of 2018

After actively serving in the United States Marine Corps, Dane received a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Religion at the University of Miami where he is currently pursuing a Master of Professional Science degree in Underwater Archaeology. Dane is a third generation Portuguese/American born and raised in Miami, Florida. He spent the majority of his youth in the ocean and everglades, which lead to volunteering and working with state and county parks such as Deering Estate. From a young age, Dane also participated in outreach programs for the Latin community, traveling to Nicaragua to facilitate Campo Alegria for underprivileged youth. In 2016, Dane traveled to Puerto Rico and took part in an archaeological field school working alongside local archaeologists to learn more about the Taino Indians. Though he is passionate about the past, Dane is interested in creatively utilizing current and future technology to generate greater awareness and involvement in cultural resource management within the thriving Latino community and South Florida as a whole.