Araceli Figueroa

Class of 2020

I graduated in May of 2017 from Cal State University, Fullerton with a BFA in Creative Photography and coursework in Art Education. I constantly seek educational opportunities outside of formal educational institutions. In 2018, I took a six-week-long course on launching a food business from the local county’s small business development center. In addition, I continue to take advantage of the courses and certification programs my city job offers. I work in the art complex of the Orange County Great Park, a former Marine Corps Air Station, now converted into a developed park of more than 200 acres. Most recently, I became a Certified Emergency Response Team member, received front desk/reception safety training, and training from the police department on interacting with the park’s homeless population. I applied for the LHIP Outreach Assistant Internship because it aligns with my personal interests in expanding community development, communication/marketing, environmental education, and resource equity. This program will also allow me to better understand my specific interests and career goals. In addition, I will be able to focus on employing my Spanish speaking skills, making valuable cultural connections, and using my graphic design and technical editing skills to create new educational materials. As an outreach assistant, I will have the humbling opportunity to work on increasing park visitor diversity and inspire individuals, especially Latinx folks, to recognize the important role they have in advocating for our parks’ conservancy. My professional interest is to creatively promote conservancy and environmental education, regardless of what field my chosen profession is in. I’d like to excite individuals of all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds to find quotidian ways to lessen their environmental footprint. I want to foster collaboration between industries to increase the sense of environmental responsibility and highlight the benefits that the natural world has on both our physical and mental health; all while increasing my interpersonal, organizational, and leadership skills.