Astrid Garcia

Class of 2020

I recently received a B.S. in general geology from the University of California, Riverside. I transferred from Riverside City College after participating in the Geoscientist Development (GEODE) Program, which connects RCC students to UCR faculty in the earth science department. I worked with my mentor Dr. Gareth Funning to research earthquake detectability using interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR). This technology uses satellites to globally detect ground deformation on a centimeter scale. As an undergraduate at UCR, I expanded on our published research to conduct a case study of a single earthquake for my senior thesis.

My hometown is Hesperia, California where my parents immigrated to from Colima, Mexico. Growing up in the Mojave Desert, I’ve seen how the desert landscape is easily trashed by people who fail to appreciate and understand the importance of these areas. Prior to college, I wasn’t aware of my local geology until taking introductory courses. Through my education, I realized the importance of the geologic sciences in relation to my surroundings. My interests range from the application of remote sensing technology to tectonics geomorphology to land conservation and educational advocacy of the earth sciences. I spend my time participating and volunteering with local organizations with clean-ups, habitat restoration projects, and community outreach.

I'm thankful to LHIP for allowing me to combine my passion and knowledge to inspire families to treasure the rich geologic history at Florissant Fossil Beds NM. I look forward to facilitating the enjoyment and respect of our national parks this summer!