Sheila Lucero Garcia

Class of 2020

I am currently a senior at California Baptist University. I am majoring in Anthropology with a concentration in Cultural Anthropology. I have extensive education in Anthropology and Environmental Science. My interest in this program comes from my passion as well as from the overall mission of the National Park Service. I have always been interested in protecting the environment and always strive to be a steward of the environment. In the last four years of my educational goals, I have learned to have an appreciation and passion for Anthropology. Culture is fascinating to me in every way and in my opinion, it is important for it to be preserved just as much as the environment. This program can give me the opportunity to put my expertise and experience to work within the NPS, which has been a lifelong career goal for me. In terms of professional interest, this opportunity can give me the chance to learn about the National Park Service and the many different branches of working towards conservation and preservation. This opportunity can give me a chance to make a difference in the stewards of the environment. Being a part of sharing my knowledge about protecting, preserving, and conserving can have a great impact on the Hispanic community in Annapolis, MD. I am eager to learn from this experience as well as assist in the program with my expertise and education. As mentioned, this is a lifelong career goal and I am honored to have this opportunity. I am excited to see what this opportunity brings for the Hispanic community in Maryland!