Salma Buhaya

Class of 2020

As a full-time University of Texas at El Paso Art History Major, I have developed strong expertise in Art History and Research along with an overall understanding of diverse historical, cultural and socio-political conditions relating to artworks. I have always had a passion for creating art, but my undergraduate education in the past semesters has taken my interest to a whole new level. I not only enjoy creating art, but I’m even more enthusiastic about the history of artworks, their historical development, and stylistic contexts. I have also taken four Liberal Arts Honors Program classes in Art History, which have specifically trained me in intensive writing and research with the use of technology, have challenged me in critical thinking, and have greatly shaped my analytical and technical skills. My greatest strengths are my passion for the arts, my organizational skills, and my willingness to learn, develop, and progress in my career in this organization.