Sienna Cordoba

Class of 2019

My mom, an entomologist and Adirondack raised woodland creature on the women's rugby team, and my dad, a wildlife management expert and butterfly stroke swimming party animal straight out of the Colombian Andes, met at SUNY ESF. I was pretty quickly born in Alexandria, VA and grew up with my backyard on the Beltway - but always retained my parents' fascination with and devotion to protecting and studying nature. I have my master's degree in Latin American and Environmental History from the University of California- Santa Barbara. I received my BA in History from NYU with a double major in Dramatic Literature. I'm an independent writer and researcher currently working on an innovative environmental history of motherhood in 19th century Paraguay. I am looking forward to connecting with the Latino audience at the Fort Larned site and making a positive contribution. I am so grateful for this opportunity to do research that is directly connected to conserving Latino heritage and re-telling Latino histories from our own point of view!

From the blog

July 24, 2019