Steven Nañez

Class of 2019

My name is Steven Nañez, and I am a fisheries science student currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. I was raised in Miami, FL on the edge of Everglades National Park, where my interest and love for nature started. Growing up, I had access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the U.S., and I learned how to respect and admire the water and the creatures that inhabit it. Immigrating from Colombia, South America, my family taught me to appreciate the opportunities offered in this country, which sparked my drive in academics. While pursuing my B.S degree, I was fortunate enough to work with various sport fish, endangered and invasive species of fish, and several shark species. I hope to find myself in a graduate program studying to become a fish biologist in the near future. I am excited about participating in the LHIP internship in Yosemite National Park this year.