Kimberly Becerril

Class of 2019

My name is Kimberly Becerril. My first memories are from my days in Guadalajara, Mexico. I collected my most cherished memories of my family history during those years. I moved to South Gate, California in Southeast Los Angeles, a predominately Latinx community brought together by a public park in the middle of the city. South Gate Park was where my family and I spent our free time throughout the year and especially during the summer. I remember people from neighboring or even far away cities driving to South Gate for its park. After graduating from high school, I moved to Berkeley, California where I attended the University of California Berkeley. I majored in Geography with a concentration in Earth System Science, and minored in Geospatial Information Science & Technology and Forestry. In college, I learned to understand the complexities of my upbringing, like how most inner-city neighborhoods lack public green open spaces. I was lucky to have grown up with South Gate Park, but I do not believe luck should determine a person’s access to green space. Through the Latino Heritage Internship program, I intend to contribute to more equitable and sustainable environmental resources.