Citlali Villarreal

Class of 2019

As an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major at Rice University in Houston, Texas, I look at the various ecological relationships that exist in nature. I analyze the evolution, structure, and function of organisms and seek to learn more about anthropogenic effects on ecosystems and biological diversity. Other academic interests of mine include conservation biology and veterinary medicine. National parks hold a special place in my heart because they educate the public on nature conservation and help preserve ecosystems and breathtaking landscapes. I am in awe of nature’s beauty, and am committed to learning more about the environment so that I can help protect it. My fondness for the outdoors draws me to activities like hiking, bike riding, and camping. I also love traveling, eating food, dancing, and listening to music. My future plans are to become a doctor of veterinary medicine and work on learning how to operate my own small animal veterinary practice. I am thankful for the Latino Heritage Internship Program because it affords Latinas such as myself an opportunity to explore career interests and to help increase diversity in national park programs across the United States.