Amy Carrillo

Class of 2018

I am a junior at Fordham University. I am currently majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Biology. I grew up in Trumbull, Connecticut, and now live in Queens, New York. For as long as I’ve lived near the Long Island Sound, I had never heard of Fire Island until applying for this internship. As I continue researching the island, the more interesting it has become. For instance, who knew that Fire Island is home to one of only two maritime forests in the country! I have also become interested in the various types of animals and plants that have made a home there. It’s exciting to be given an opportunity to start an internship that will allow me to learn more about coastal ecosystems. I’m also excited to be part of a program that is doing more for the Hispanic community. That is a major reason why I applied to the Latino Heritage Internship Program.  

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