Valeria Parada

Class of 2018

My name is Valeria Parada, and this will be my second time interning in Washington, DC. It seems as if, for the past few years, all roads lead me back to the east coast, and to the nation’s capital, specifically. Last year at this time, I was interning at the Smithsonian under a conservation internship. This year, I worked at the George Washington Memorial Parkway as a museum assistant. There, I focused on various sites along the parkway but, mainly, in Fort Hunt and Arlington House. At that site, I helped with collections and research, making sure that the public has the best access and the best interpretation of the narratives at both sites. Just like the narrative of this country, the one for Arlington House brings together different people from different walks of life. Their stories are contrasting and distinct, but intertwined to create one larger story.

From the blog

June 13, 2018