Tangy Wiseman

Class of 2018

I was raised in northern Iowa in a town called Algona, in an old farm house near the forest where my brother and I often played. Here, I came to love being active and exploring nature. As a single parent, my dad signed me up for any sport, camp, or activity he could find, and I flourished in most all of them. He also helped facilitate my interest in the outdoors when he took my brother and me on trips out west to Yellowstone National Park.  Reflecting on the variety of activities and experiences I had in my childhood, it’s no wonder that I have taken a very curvy path to arrive at my current state of interests and ambitions. The following summer I applied for an LHIP internship but did not make the cut, so I applied for an LHIP position again this year because I want to continue to connect the urban population with national parks. With the challenges that many cities face, worked to encourage individuals to make small decisions in their daily lives that demonstrate respect and understanding towards our public lands and the environment we live in.