Stephanie Cruz 

Class of 2018

Stephanie Cruz is a first generation Mexican American junior in California State University, Los Angeles. She is majoring in Anthropology and a minoring in Marketing, while also acquiring statistical skills. She aspires to have a career doing research for the marketing department of businesses using ethnographic methods to collect data on different cultural groups and analyzing the data using statistical and ethnographic analysis. As an undergraduate student, she has had the opportunity to participate in research projects from studying and looking at different views from within the Wiccan community to looking at different food systems in Los Angeles county cities. She hopes to do a research senior project on how and why Latino youth (18-24) use social media to assimilate into American culture but also maintain their own ethnic identity. She hopes that by going into business with her Anthropology degree and experience, she can make a change on how businesses market to different ethnic groups to provide what they need and want while still be culturally sensitive. She was stationed in El Malpais National Monument this summer working to preserve the history of land use while learning more about the people from the community.