Nestor Meza

Class of 2015

Nestor was born and raised in Denver, CO. He was first in his family to graduate from high school and is now first in his family to graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver, receiving a degree in Sociology and Chicano/a Studies with a concentration of Social Practice. Nestor believes in empowering youth of today, because education is important, especially when the there is a high rate of Latino dropouts and low college attendance rates. Recently, Nestor had the honor to sit on a restorative justice panel with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, and Chief of Police Robert White.  This panel discussion was held because of the massive injustice of police brutality across America. This year for the 14th annual Cesar E. Chavez March, Nestor was awarded the Cesar Chavez Male Leadership Award for his activism in his community and making a difference. His great work was recognized by the University of his Class standing by receiving the Senior Leadership Award.