Southeast Archeological Center

Archeological Intern  -  Tallahassee, FL 

Position Type: LHIP Internship  
Primary Field: Resource Management  

Working at the Southeast Archeological Center (SEAC), a unit of the National Park Service in Tallahassee, Florida, the LHIP intern will be taught laboratory analysis and curation procedures. The intern will work on a large-scale project focused on identifying and rehousing artifacts in the SEAC comparative collection. The comparative collection is an essential tool used in the artifact analysis conducted at SEAC. The intern will be tasked, under supervision, with the identification and rehousing of historic and prehistoric ceramics, lithics, and zooarchaeological material. This internship will involve identifying previously unclassified objects in the collection which will enrich the intern’s archeological and curatorial skills. They will produce a final report of the work done during their internship. The intern will learn the ins and outs of standard curation procedures and become familiar in museum curation within the National Park Service. During the course of their internship, the intern will have many opportunities to explore other parts of the work we do at SEAC including archeological fieldwork, outreach and education, and introductory training on technologies such as 3D scanning and printing, ground-penetrating radar, and pXRF.


  • Interns should be majors in one or more fields including or related to anthropology, archaeology, classics, geography, history, or historic preservation.
  • An interest in working as a professional archaeologist or museum technician is preferred, and biologists interested in taxonomy or skeletons are welcome.
  • Any undergraduate or graduate level student, or recent graduate, is acceptable.
  • We will adapt the project and expectations based on the intern’s knowledge, experience, and skills coming in.
  • We have worked with interns at various points in their education and are primarily interested in training the intern to improve their abilities regardless of their level of previous experience.
  • The intern should be a team player who is able to work closely with a group in a variety of settings for the entirety of their internship.
  • Critical thinking, openness, and flexibility are ideal strengths.

Work Environment:

  • The intern's work environment will be the offices of the Southeast Archeological Center.
  • The work environment is comfortable and friendly with approximately 40 employees working on a variety of projects.

Driver's License:

Having a car is not absolutely required because of the city bus system but is recommended.