Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain Interpretation & Outreach Intern -  Estes Park, CO

Position Type: LHIP Internship
Primary Field: Interpretation/Education

This internship would help with the overall operations for the Division of Interpretation during the summer season from June to August of 2020. The intern would work 5 days a week with 2 consecutive days off. Two out of the 11 weeks would be in training to learn about interpretation, environmental education, teamwork, as well as learning the mission of the NPS. The main duties of the internship would have components of presenting 2 formal interpretive programs, helping facilitate Spanish Outreach programs, roving along Park trails and overlooks to make informal contacts with visitors in the field, prep time to organize programs, and staffing a park visitor center one-two half days per week.

This intern’s primary responsibility would be providing formal and informal programs to the visiting public. Programs will range from half-hour talk to two-hour Pop-up programs. The intern will also assist with Spanish Outreach programs for the local community and for specialty groups. This position will provide assistance and help facilitate the programs, both in English and Spanish. They will have support and guidance from other Spanish speaking rangers, and local members of the community to organize, plan, and advertise for the outreaches. We will aim to offer 2 separate outreaches during the internship time period (one in July and one in August), for local families to help them see the importance of public lands, and to see themselves as owners and stewards of RMNP. We will also provide short welcome talk to specialty groups including a nonprofit partner CalWood, who runs a family camping program at Rocky. This LHIP intern will help us reach new audiences, and gives us avenues to diversify and stay relevant as we embark on another 100 years of protecting public lands. This position will enable us to dedicate a liaison between the park and the local Latino community and hopefully increase participation of the Latino community in park events.


  • Education requirements: Upper-Level College student or graduates with an educational background (or have taken courses) in the areas of ecology, biology, environmental studies, zoology, geology, resource management, park and recreational management, public speaking, communication, teaching or interpretation.
  • Skills and/or previous experience required: Entry level knowledge of or prior experience with public speaking. General interest in the environment, science, resource management, and education. Strong writing and computer skills, and have intermediate to fluent Spanish.

Work Environment

The intern would work both outdoors and indoors and may hike long distances. There can be inclement weather and intern must be willing to work outside for long periods of time, and be able to make judgments when the weather is not safe. Typical field conditions for this outside work could include hot/cold weather conditions, intense sunshine or rainy weather, lightning, uneven terrain, biting insects, and wild animals. There will be an equal amount of time spent indoors as well, which may require both sitting and standing for long periods of time. Preparation and research for interpretive programs will be in the office, and desk space and computers will be available for the intern to do this work.

RMNP hosts a number of interns within the Division of Interpretation, as well as throughout the Park. There are 6 other interns on staff with varying dates of appointment from 11 weeks to 19 weeks, and other divisions have intern positions as well. Most interns live in similar housing areas and will have similar schedules and overlapping days off.

Driver's License

Yes - the intern will need to be able to drive government vehicles to get to and from work duty stations.