Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation

Cultural Landscape Graphics Modeling Assistant (DHA)  -  Boston, MA

Position Type: LHIP Direct Hire Authority Resource Assistance (DHA-RA)
Primary Field: Resource Management

The Cultural Landscape Graphics Modeling Assistant will serve as a member of the team preparing the “Cultural Landscape Report for Flight 93 National Memorial.” The Flight 93 National Memorial, located approximately 60 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, preserves and commemorates the site of the crash of United Airlines Flight 93, which was one of four commercial aircraft hijacked in the September 11 attacks. The CLR for Flight 93 National Memorial will include a site history, existing conditions documentation, and analysis of the designed memorial landscape at the crash site, and will serve as a basis for developing treatment recommendations to guide the future management of the memorial.

The Graphics Modeling Assistant will contribute to the CLR for Flight 93 National Memorial through mapping and 3D graphic modeling of existing and projected future landscape conditions. During the course of this project, the intern will synthesize and create a chronological representation of site history illustrated and organized using 2D drafting methods for interpreting and transferring historic information into 3D models and renderings. The Graphics Modeling Assistant will also provide bi-weekly summaries of work activities on the “Designing the Parks” program blog https://designingtheparksoclp.wordpress.com) and present findings and a summary of the assistantship experience though a final presentation and report.


  • Currently enrolled in an accredited academic program or recently graduated with an undergraduate or graduate degree
  • Experience in landscape architecture, architecture, historic preservation, American history, or cultural geography
  • Interest in learning or improving skills in cultural landscape management
  • Ability to communicate effectively through graphics using 2D and 3D software
  • Ability to work as a team member
  • Experience with working or a willingness to work in a multicultural environment where diversity and inclusion are institutional values

Work Environment:

  • Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation is based in a historic office building in the financial district of downtown Boston.
  • The workplace is not unlike that of a design office, with approximately 10-20 percent fieldwork and 80-90 percent office work.
  • The Graphics Modeling Assistant will be provided desk space and computer/phone in the Olmsted Center’s office, working alongside program staff and other interns.
  • During fieldwork, they will always be accompanied by Olmsted Center staff.

Driver's License:

Not required.