Brandon Barragan

Class of 2018

My mom is from El Salvador and my dad is from Colombia, but I was born and raised in the Bay Area. I have spent some time in both of their countries, but I didn’t really learn much Spanish there. Living in the Bay Area there is plenty of opportunity to learn Spanish.  I just graduated from Saint Mary’s College of California with a degree in Environmental Studies. At St. Mary’s, it couldn’t have been more opposite. It was there that I realized what I wanted to do with my life. As someone in Environmental Studies, my options are a bit vague. Many people say with that degree they will go save the world. Which would be great, but how? I remember freshmen year someone condescendingly said to me “What can you do with that, be a park ranger?” I thought about it and replied, “Yeah.” After that I began making the necessary moves towards having that career and now I’m here.